Gecko Magic Surface Spray ™

Gecko Magic Surface Spray ™

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Customers that have used our Gecko Magic ™ Surface Spray say they have seen a reduction in gecko's and therefore the messy droppings they leave behind. 

Gecko Magic is a surface spray designed to make the gecko's move on to other areas, so please do not spray directly onto gecko's. 

After treatment of the problem area, you may still hear them chirping, but will likely see a reduction in visible numbers and the mess they leave behind.


** It has come to our attention that while the product is effective, there may be some issues with overspray from the nozzle on the can. This does not affect the performance of the product. **



What Our Customers Are Saying:

"No evidence of gecko's since spraying. And no gecko poo"

- A.Fallows


"After spraying, 99% of gecko's did not come back to our problem area"

- A.Cameron